Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!!

Dearest Family & Friends,

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!!
May this year bring lots of laughter, prosperity and good health your way. 
Miss you all very much, and we hope to see you all very soon :o)

Lots of Love & Hugs
Mattu & Sunny

P.S- We just returned from a fun and adventurous holiday in Egypt... we will be updating our blog shortly with pictures from our trip and stories from our travel journal :) Keep an eye out for that!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Not a good day!

Tupperware, towels, containers all over the place... I feel like turning the coffee table upside down ... it would make a nice boat... just in case... We are sick and tired of our leaky flat!!

It's friday night, the lady who stays above us, knows her water is overflowing and running through her floor boards into our flat roof... yet she is out enjoying her evening while we sit and collect dripping water....Our land lady is away enjoying her weekend least concerned about checking on her flat that is getting ruined... insurance will pay and she'll get it repaired, so all good for her... what about us!? We are just frustrated and irritated after a week long affair of leaks and drips... can someone shut the water source to the flat above us... so we can sleep in peace tonight...

I got Pheasant meat from Waitrose for the first time... and found an interesting recipe to try... went out to get all the ingredients for the marination... prepared the marination and the meat went bad!! So I had to throw it all away... I hate throwing away food... 

Just not my day today... and we want this drip drip... tip tip... to stop!!!!

Friday, 5 December 2008

An unusual victim of WAR!

I was so worried for this pigeon after I saw it at the Imperial War Museum in London... poor chap! During WWII, pigeons were used as messengers, and they were strapped up with a  mini parachute and dropped at specific spots into new territory/enemy lines/behind the or in front of the line (who knows)... they were dropped from the air~ a plane (with a secret message strapped to them). After the message was received and a reply was written to be delivered back, the pigeon was freed of it's chute and let free to fly back home! All good right.... Nooooooo!! 

Now imagine the next time the pigeon is flying, it might think, "hey! wait a minute the other day I was successfully able to fly and float without flapping my wings, let me try it again"... only this time the poor chap would have gone down in a tail spin... this must have really messed up the pigeons confidence and ability to lead a normal pigeon life! 

More reasons why war's are bad, and we should not support them!

Egyptian Embassy we love you!

This post is going to be surprisingly short... what a day at the Egyptian embassy in comparison to the Indian embassy experience a few weeks ago... I entered the Egyptian embassy with our passports/applications at 11.40 am and was out at 11.41 am... I am not even sure what happened... it was quick... I don't even remember much, I was in shock and happy :) (I think) I was able to submit both our applications and deposit the fees, get a token in return to pick up our passports later next week... all under a minute... did my watch stop... did time stop!?... did I dream this up... all those prayers and dreams for a smooth experience at an embassy, any embassy, finally paid off ;) WOW!! I just hope posting this too soon on my blog won't jinx it (fingers crossed please, everyone... I think we need it regardless... especially when it comes to visas and embassies).

Happy Birthday Mom!

19th November was mom's birthday and we wanted to remember her and celebrate her! So Ginny Bhaboo and I decided to throw a surprise dinner party for the boys (just the four of us) to celebrate mom :o)

The venue was Gulab and Gulabo's flat, and it was disguised as a friday night dinner with the four of us after everyone got off work (wink wink...). Ginny Bhaboo took charge to bake the cake and Gulabo took charge to create a slideshow for the boys with old and new family pictures! The plan was set and Bhaboo and Gulabo started work on their exciting projects... with unexpected hurdles along the way... Bhaboo had to bake three cakes to get it as she desired, and Gulabo had to create the slideshow in less than an hour.

Bhaboo set out to bake the pecan cake on Thursday night, which did not turn out right... so she had to bake a second one on Friday morning before work, and since she was running late, she had to shut down the oven 10 minutes early... which collapsed the cake... and she had to try again in the evening right after work, and third time was a hit! The cake was so delicious, that I am afraid i'll have to confess I was the one who gobbled up most of it ;) While all this was going on at the Anthony residence, Gulabo had her set of hurdles to jump in order to create the slideshow... First of all she decided on the slideshow on Tuesday, and hoped to scan old pictures while Gulab Singh was out for meetings, which to her luck did not happen till Friday afternoon... and to make things more interesting, Gulabo's MAC refused to connect and scan with the scanner... so Gulabo had to sneak into Gulab Singh's office while he got ready in order to use his work laptop to scan and upload the pictures... and that too in a record breaking 15 minutes. After Gulab Singh left for his meeting, leaving very little time for Gulabo to juggle cooking dinner for the party and creating the slideshow... Gulabo zipped around the flat to cook-clean-create! Since both Bhaboo and Gulabo are super-woman, they completed everything and were all set and ready in the evening! :D

The boys reached home after work, and we surprised them with the cake and the slideshow... the candles were blown by Gulabo & Anthony, and the cake was cut by Mrs Anthony and Gulab Singh :) followed by food and lots of interesting childhood stories with mom!! We ate a lot, we talked a lot and we giggled a lot... perfect recipe for a wonderful evening... Mom, wish you were here with us, and we all miss you very much and love you loads!


Anthony Singh aka Tony Virji

Mrs Anthony aka Ginny Bhaboo

Gulab Singh aka Sunny

Gulabo aka Mattu

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Brides Sangeet Party Video!!

Hello Friends and Family!

We just learnt that we can link our YouTube account to our blog, so we are sharing some old videos from there :) We are going to flood this page with home videos soon... so watch out, for some laughs!! 

This one was a slide-show created for the brides (i.e. Meeeeeeeee) sangeet party!! :) And, yes, that is mom and dad singing (coaxed by Meeee) my favorite childhood songs/rhymes in the beginning. 


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