Thursday, 15 March 2012

Noorie & her Big Bro!

Big brother Ekambir & l'il sis Harnoor meet for the first time... these two are going to be naughty partners in crime for many many years to come. It is such a blessing that they both are just two months apart and will grow up together :-) Their first meet & greet was interesting... they both slept peacefully, possibly the only time they are going to be so peacefully quiet. Reminds me of my childhood and my cousin brothers, who were very protective of me and we got into so much trouble together being kids... precious & priceless memories. I look forward to Ekam & Noorie making their own memories and growing up around each other. It is such a joy to have cousins your own age.

Ginny-Tony and us have lived so close to each other since we've been married and soon they are going to be relocating to India for a short time. I so wish they would have still been here, especially now that the little ones are here, it would have been wonderful for the cousins to grow up around each other, but I know we'll make even more of an effort to make sure they both visit each other often and get to spend as much time with each other as possible.

Keep watching this space for future (naughty) adventures & tales of these two!!


There are nights when I am so tired... but I refuse to sleep!

I don't sleep coz I am busy entertaining Mom & Dad... all night long :-)

And then when we do sleep, we sleep, Usain Bolt style!

My parents try to burp me all day long... but I rather be sleeping then ;-)

And I am a day sleeper... and a night owl :D

Friday, 2 March 2012

Noorie turns 1 Month today!

And we complete a month today! It's been a month full of fun & lots of milestones. We have been feeding beautifully, sleeping, pooping, crying and most importantly for Mom & Dad, smiling & giggling at them and showing them new things Noorie darling can come up with, daily! Mom & Dad are easily amused and are always excited about everything Noorie does :D

Sticking our tongue out is the first thing I learnt from Papa, moments after I was born ;-)

Naani makes me happy :-) 

My famous thoughtful pose, trying to come up with a solution for world recession.  

Happy One Month Birthday Harnoor!!
We are so lucky and grateful to have you in our lives.
Mom & Dad love you so much :-)

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