Thursday, 2 July 2009

Introducing my BFF ~ Pranav Singh Tanwar

It is with great pride, pleasure, unimaginable excitement, and an ear to ear smile I, Mattu Masi proudly introduce my BFF (Boy Friend Forever), Pranav Singh Tanwar to all!!!

Rohini & Pravesh were blessed with a beautiful baby boy on 18th June 2009 at 14.33 Melbourne time. Everything went off smoothly, and both mother and baby are healthy, happy and doing great!! Our beautiful little bundle of joy was born 3.82 Kg (8.42 pounds) & 51 cm tall. Labor pains and contractions started the night before and Masi was updated via SMS as soon as they started... at that time I was at a dinner gathering at Ginny & Tony's place with Hubby, Mamaji & Mamiji, and they all can attest to the fact that I was very much distracted and constantly checking my cell phone for more news ;-) We all were very enthusiastically and impatiently waiting to hear the news. I so wish I was near by, so I could have been there with everyone. Later that night I kept in touch with both Rajat and Pravesh (the Proud Dad) and was being regularly updated by Pravesh on the progress of the labor. At 5.55 am my time I was woken up by the much awaited text, "Congrats Masi, we are blessed with a baby boy"!! I think I must have started jumping in my sleep... within seconds I was all over the place, waking everyone and sharing the wonderful news :o)

What joy and happiness a baby brings into ones life, and every time I think of Pranav (which is a lot... well almost all the time) I am always smiling :o) I can't wait to meet him, and to hold him, and to play with him, and to spoil him rotten!! :D

He is such a beautiful baby, and I thank his parents for all the hard work, and for bringing him into our lives. Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the new parents, grandparents and the rest of the family!!!!

With all our love and blessings for our adorable munchkin,
Huggies & Kissies
Mattu Masi & Sunny Masarji :o)

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