Monday, 11 January 2010

I am back... and what an amusing day!

It's been a while since I have blogged... a bit too long and I am afraid only my laziness is to blame! I keep thinking I need to blog this and that, but never get around to writing it down... well enough is enough... I need to get off my lazy blogging bum and start writing again ;-) So here is getting off my butt and starting a new year/decade by blogging again! First of all a very Happy 2010 to everyone!!! :)

So much has happened since I last blogged and I will slowly update you all on our activities and adventures. But what made me come back today, is rather very interesting and amusing, and I just had to share it with everyone... as it put me in fits of laughter!!

My baby brother called me from India earlier today, he is 4 years younger to me (Sanbir AKA Chotey Miya). It had been a while since we chatted, and he had something fun to share/update me on. I was recently in India (December'09) attending my cousins wedding... and Sanbir and I were both as always together having fun and hanging around with the family (I am very close to my baby brother), and needless to say had loads of fun!! Well he called me to tell me he has been getting many calls from his school/college friends congratulating him on his recent engagement!! Of course he (and now I) was shocked & surprised to hear of this unknown development... when he asked what made everyone think of such a think he got the same reply from one and all... we saw you & your fiancee recent pictures on Facebook!! My brother and I had clicked many pictures together and he posted one of our pics as his profile picture a couple of days ago... so everyone 'jumped' to the conclusion and thought we both are engaged.... hahahahaha... when he told me this over the phone, we both just could not stop laughing!! I have asked him to leave the picture on his profile to see who else calls and what conclusions people come too ;-) So amusing... LOL

Well at least I was very happy to hear I was being matched up with a young and handsome 24 year old... so I feel very young today :o) Thank you my dear baby brother for making me laugh so much!!

(The picture in question)

The other incident which happened this evening when I went to our local grocery store... one of the check out ladies whom I meet often smiled and said hello as I went to her counter and then enquired... you are usually here with your brother, he didn't come today, so I just smiled and said he is my husband not my brother. To which she added "oh really, you both look so alike"... LOL... so i just continued to smile and wanted to burst out laughing! Being linked up with my baby brother and being called my husbands sister, all in one day... what an amusing day ;-) I guess I should have told the check out lady, when two people are so much in love they look alike ;-)

I just had to share the amusement with you all!! :)
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