Wednesday, 29 October 2008

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What do you think happened right after this picture was taken?!?!?! 

Note: We kindly request everyone to write in their version of the before and after of this picture, as Sunny's cheeks future are depending on your comments. 

Gulab Singh & Gulabo dah photo session!!

Gulab Singh and Gulabo wore their best gulabi outfits for their 1st wedding anniversary!! And how could we have celebrated this evening without being reminded of what occurred a year earlier... a proper photo session involving poses we were coaxed into... and here are some of those memorable pictures :o) 

Please don't miss the window pictures, one of which even shows Gulabo feeding her Gulab Singh a gulab ka petal!! :D

1st Wedding Anniversary!!

First of all thank you to all friends and family for their wonderful wishes and love. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives, and truly cherished every one's wishes, and we are two very happy and lucky bachas!

We had a wonderful day on the 27th and a memorable and an extremely fun night with Papa, Ginny, Tony, Cami, Nanak & Boogie!! (+ the Chinese man mesmerized by the belly dancers... can't leave him out... more about him a little later). And we missed everyone else who could not be there... will surely make it up and have more celebrations with everyone, when we see you next! 

We all wanted to do something fun, so we decided to go somewhere with live music and some dancing, when I say dancing, it was meant to be for all of us, not the belly dancers ;) So the hunt for a nice restaurant in London that served good food, live music, dancing, tasteful ambiance etc etc began... not an easy task I must confess... after much google searching in our very comfy PJ's, on our couch, while sitting in front of the TV, we read countless reviews, till we finally came across Pasha, a Moroccan restaurant with a ethnic and tasteful ambiance. 
Invitations were sent out! 

On the day, we all met at the restaurant as and when everyone got off work (since it was a Monday some of us were working - when I say us, it basically means everyone else but me, but for that day dear hubby was with me in the not working club :o) ). The evening started with a quick photo session where Gulab Singh and Gulabo posed with each other, family members, furniture fittings at the restaurant and even a gulab ka petal!   Then there was lots of yumm food, chatting and catching up with everyone... lots of laughter and fun, for which we are so thankful to everyone for their company and their love!  Around 9 pm... is when the dancing fun started... the restaurant had professional belly dancers decent into the dining area while everyone was enjoying their dinner.  All of us were enjoying this till we discovered the Chinese guy sitting on the next table!! And that is where Boogies obsession and true love for him came out and instead of taking pictures of the belly dancers or us, she took a million pictures of the Chinese guy and all his priceless expressions while watching the show.... ha ha... it was absolutely hilarious!! After we were done with our dinner there was more laughter, chatting, picture taking and lots of seat switching... basically all the ladies were sitting away from each other through out the evening, and it was only a matter of time we all sat around each other to giggled and gossiped :)

All in all it was a memorable evening and we had a brilliant time with everyone :) Thank you so much for making the day so special!

Lots of Love
Mattu & Sunny

Watch out this space for more stories & pictures from the night!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Happy Diwali!!!

Wishing all loved ones a very Happy Diwali!!
May this Diwali bring good health, love, happiness, and prosperity to all :)
Lots of Love
Gulab Singh & Gulabo :)

Saturday, 25 October 2008

24th Oct 2007 ~ Shagan

The day the wedding festivities officially began with the Shagan ceremony @ sector 34 Gurduwara! The Groom was fed, over fed, and stuffed with ladoos by friends and family. No one was merciful nor did they spare the poor chap. I am afraid the experience of this day has been so traumatising that it has made him quit ladoos for life!...ha ha... Now we both are eagerly waiting for opportunities to reciprocate the ladoo love to our much loved younger cousins :)

Sunny was living in Cardiff, Wales & Mattu was living in Sacramento, California, 4522 nautical miles away, so how did it all begin?

29th Jan 2007 ~ We were introduced by a common friend Rohini aka Bebeji!

The Mehta family was out common link and brought this all about. Mehta Uncle and Sibia Papa have been fast friends from their NDA days, and the Sandhu family and Mehta family have been very close since their daughters Mattu & Rohini became friends in school. The Mehta & Sibia family thought about introducing us and talked to the Sandhu family... a very excited and enthusiastic Bebeji took it on and introduced us... and that is where it all began!
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