Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 2012!

Goodbye 2011, you brought us surprises, happy memories and some losses. You taught us how to be strong and patient and to value and hold our near and dear ones close to us.

2012 may you be filled with love, happiness, good health and prosperity for all.

We are so grateful for all the loved ones we are surrounded by and thank god for blessing our lives with them. And we look forward to the arrival of the newest member of our family, our darling Woofy :-)

Happy New Year!
Lots of Love

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

♥ U Hubby for the most awesome foodie Birthday weekend in Brugge! :)

I had the most amazing foodie 30th Birthday weekend in Brugge, all thanks to Hubby darlings planning :-) It was our second trip to the city and the trip was all about relaxing and eating and that is exactly what we did... all weekend long! Since I am pregnant we wanted to go somewhere small and relaxing, so we would not be tempted by any site-seeing & excessive walking which would only get very exhausting. Something we are easily tempted by and have absolutely no discipline to ignore are all the wonderful museums and palaces and churches in Europe ;-) 

For our love of food and for my love of Chocolates... Hubby thought of the perfect place... Brugge!

This time around the city was so foggy all weekend long and a little chilly... which was just perfect. It was so magical and charmingly-ghostly, keeping most tourists away, making it the perfectly quiet place for us to wander about and discover as we pleased. And the food... was simply nom nom nom :-) We ate beyond what our bellies could hold and everything was so special (if anyone is looking to visit Brugge in the future we'd love to recommend a few brilliant places to eat at). My birthday gift and souvenirs from the city were the most yumm fresh dark-coco chocolate truffles from Galler (the best chocolatier in Belgium, trust me i've tried them all) and the most beautiful hand made lace-handkerchief :-)

So while I enjoy some of my chocolate truffles while I type this, you are welcome to browse through our photo album :-)


had to re-visit my favorite street :-) 

the only two waffles we ate... seriously!  

chubbie cheeks :-) 

clip-clop... clip-clop

bye bye... Brugge

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Our cute little Newbie!

Mattu Chachi & Sunny Chachu welcome the cutest and newest member to the family! :) G&T were blessed with a gorgeous baby BOY on the 1st of Dec! We are so excited and can't get enough of our little nephew. Just want to hold & cuddle him and spend all our time watching his cute expressions.

We love you loads munchkin and are so proud to be your Chachi & Chachu.  

Friday, 18 November 2011

and then Sunny-Papa took some lovely pics of Mom & Baby :)

impromptu photo-shoot by Sunny somewhere in Brugge

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Birthday's & Anniversary Baby Bump & Chubbie Cheeks Picture Update!!!! ;-)

Sunny's Birthday Dinner with the family! (Sep'11)

Our very special & scrumptious 4th Anniversary dinner :) (Oct'11)

My very special 30th Birthday foodie weekend in Brugge :) (Nov'11)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Summer break in Gorgeous Prague!

We went to Prague in late September, Hubby's extended birthday celebrations! My first visit to the city and Sunny's second. What a charming city it is, enriched in history and one of the most beautiful capital city we've been too. We were surrounded by gorgeous details all around, just our kind of place & I admired beautiful doors and intricate details to my hearts content. We walked and walked and walked till our feet swelled up & literally fell off, and we ate and ate and ate till our bellies were so full they were ready to burst (absolutely amazing Italian food, yup Italian) and took pictures of everything around to our (my) hearts content :) We lucked out with beautiful weather and gorgeous sunny long days! Here are a few teasers from our trip & a link to the entire album at the end. 

(a view of the city from the Castle)

(surrounded by gorgeous buildings)

(we did a fun maternity shoot in-front of the famous Lennon Wall dedicated to the Beatle's legend)

(a view of the market square from the top of Bell Tower)

(Sunny helping the Trumpet blower)

(A view of Charles Bridge from the Castle)

(this is what happens when we are let loose to have fun in a museum)

(one of the oldest and jaw-droopingly stunning libraries we've ever come across, inside a Monastery)

(gorgeous details all around)

(time to head home)

We had an absolutely amazing time, and would highly recommend everyone to add this beautiful city to their list of places to (must) visit! :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

A very Happy Gurpurab to all from M&S +1 :)

Wishing you all a very Happy Gurpurab!!!!

What better day than today, on Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Birthday to officially announce to the world, the awaited arrival of the newest member to our family :) I am officially 29 weeks pregnant with our first baby due on 27th Jan, boy or girl we are keeping it a surprise for the day she/he arrives! For now we have officially & lovingly nicknamed the baby 'Woofy' and as I type Woofy kicks me to say a big HELLO to you all!

We are very excited and looking forward to holding our little one for the first time and to leap into the adventurous world of parenthood. Mom & Baby are both doing well and eating and growing by the day, and Dad looks rather too fit and skinny in front of us ;-)

Woofy's Very Special Milestones: Sunny & I were very surprised and thrilled to find out about Woofy's existence  on 21st of May 2011 and we took 5 pregnancy tests before we both exclaimed, this should be a solid confirmation! After which we called the unsuspecting grandparents to be who were needless to say surprised, speechless, thrilled & then started to jump up and down in excitement.  

On the 4th of July we got to hear the adorable 'Woosh Woosh' heartbeat for the very first time which on the second appointment turned into a 'Woof Woof', hence explaining the nickname. The first time we heard the heartbeat it took us a while to figure out what we are listening to and what it is supposed to sound like, it must have been rather amusing for our Doctor to see our faces and our excitement after hearing it for the first time. It was a very special moment and we both grinned from ear to ear for days after and had our very own little 'Woosh Woosh' song! 

(our little thumb sucker... chillaxing!)

And then on the 19th of July 2011 we saw Woofy for the very first time. It was the most exciting day for us to see this little life inside of me sucking its thumb and jumping around all over the place before it went into chillaxing mode, we could not stop giggling and were simply amazed by all of Woofy's antics. But the most precious thing Woofy did was wave at us when the ultrasound technician started the scan and both Sunny and I were stunned, that the baby actually waved at us almost to say 'Hello Mom & Dad.' 

I have been able to feel Woofy's movements since my 14th week and now it's almost like a dance inside my belly where we just sit back and watch my tummy bounce around, especially in the evenings and night, so we have a little night owl on our hands. I have been so curious lately and can't wait to find out if we have a little dancer or a football player... we'll just have to wait a little longer to find out!

If we could please ask everyone who is reading this to refrain from sharing the news and/or discussing it publicly on Facebook. Thank you :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Copenhagen Diaries - Day 1

First day in an even colder city has prompted my very first new year resolution... never to leave home during the dead of winter! Winter holidays, especially Christmas & New Years should always be celebrated at home, snuggled up in a blanket with hot-cocoa in one hand and a TV remote in the other, in the warmth of ones very own home... crazy kid what were you thinking when you came up with this brilliant idea of a winter get away in Copenhagen, Denmark in the dead of winter, while all of Europe was being snowed in. The rest of the world is trying to escape the continent, not enter it... but if I look around, we are not alone...phew I was not the only one with the genius idea. But seriously having thought that, I am (as always) having a lovely time with my fav travel bud, Mr Hubby, in this very friendly, actually infectiously friendly who cares about the cold, for now, since I am finally sitting indoors in a warm place, and the hot cup of coffee has helped thaw me ;-) 

OK so I've only been here a few hours and already so many Danes and tourists have made my day (trip), and left a warm fuzzy feeling about this place in my heart...many strangers have gone out of their way to help us and made pleasant conversations. How often does that happen, let me think, the last time that happened I was in my all time fave sunny Tuscany :) Aaaah, I miss Italy... snap out of it, so coming back to reality and cold winter breaks. It's seriously not all that bad, there is something about this city n it's people, that turns equally lost fellow tourists into wanna-be helpful locals, who after fumbling with your map for a few seconds confess they are equally lost, ha! It's perfectly OK, considering it brought a smile on all our faces, half rather fully covered and hidden behind oversized muffler faces, slipping-sliding-balancing over snow which is now solid ice trying to find our way around, so where does the Queen live?! 

We in fact had a local walk up to us twice (already) to check on us, once to encourage me to enter a private courtyard to take pictures (he saw me hanging outside the gates admiring it through my lens) and another time to make sure we were not lost when he saw us struggling with our oversize map while trying to balance ourselves on ice. This was one of many lovely encounters with the Danes in this beautiful city.

(my fave travel-bud & the mysterious private courtyard I was coaxed to enter)

(first few sights of the city - Town Hall with clock tower, Tivoli & a Church in the old part of town) 

The city looks big and grand but from all the walking we did today, it seems perfectly compact and manageable at the same time, just the way we like it :) Most of the many old churches, palaces and buildings are very grand and each one unique in it's own way, tempting us to visit them all. But what we liked the most was how we let the city introduce itself to us, delightfully stumbling across slices of these beautiful buildings, and getting peeks at sections of Danish history while we lazily strolled through it old cobbled streets. Personally there is a sudden rush of childlike excitement that races through me when I explore a new city, especially an old European city, enriched with history & charm. The characters of some wonderful history-fiction book I've recently read start to dance in-front of my eyes & I want to discover it all :)

(outside Lego's Store)

One of my favorite finds was coming across the Lego store in the heart of the old city, with it's giant Lego structures standing inside... sadly it was closed by the time I discovered it, but not to worry I shall be back for a peek inside tomorrow! Lego is originally from Denmark, so it's rather special to visit a store dedicated to one my all time fave childhood pastimes.

(Gammel Strand & the frozen canal that accompanies it)

We've walked past many beautiful buildings, fountains and squares...even explored the famous Gammel Strand which was buzzing with it's colorful cafes & restaurants by the famous canal, which at this moment is frozen, so my thoughts of taking a boat ride were not properly thought & researched through ;-) Since the canal is frozen solid it has also graciously trapping with it many beautiful old wooden ships, which can be aimlessly admired at this time of the year! So no glorious summer afternoon sipping a chilled beer by the canal, quiet the opposite actually, yet this below zero winter day has made this canal site and the city it inhabits even more charming for us. 

Next stop - the Queens Palace, which we very happily used as a backdrop for our very own shadow-home-production show. Being new years eve and all that, there were quiet a few TV channels crews picketing at the square along with heavy duty flood lights... you see the Queen addressees her subjects each year on New Years eve and her palace walls and the square is used as a backdrop, so in our defense we were simply adding a little color to the plain and boring background with our wall-shadow-show, until we were politely asked to leave ;-) Not to despair the (very fun) activity in question was captured in pictures... see below :)

(the Sibia's entertaining all)

It's been a long and tiring day on slippery frozen streets, but the day is not over yet, in fact it's far from it, it's new years eve n we have quiet a way to go before the town hall clock strikes 12 n for the celebrations to begin. If I were to predict that by sound & beautiful bursts of fire in the sky, the celebrations have already begun!

It's cold, it's dark, we've been walking for hrs exploring the city, and it's only 7pm, I am afraid entertaining the Queen was quiet tiring and our hungry tummies are finally revolting so it's only fair to feed them and rest our feet for a bit before we hit the streets for a second round!

11.45pm and we along with our fellow travelers (Ginny & Tony who have just landed) are at a very packed RĂ„dhuspladsen (Copenhagen's version of Piccadilly Circus/Time Square) ready to call in the new year! I think I speak for everyone in our group when I say, I don't think we've ever been to a more exciting & scary firework display in our lives! The entire show very well might have been orchestrated by the locals. Having read more than once in guide-books & online: "extravagant one-hour long firework displays tend to be private events with precious few safety concern" did not prepare us for this! People of all ages including children were present & packed in the square, and everyone was exploding fireworks everywhere, if you were lucky they went up in the sky and on more than one occasion they got thrown in your general direction. So not only were we WoWed by their spectacular display but also had to keep an eye out to dodge and run for safety more than once ;-) 

(some of the few captures of the night, I dared in the name of safety)

In the end it was a truly amazing and exhilarating experience we'll  remember and narrate for years to come. Hang on I am done yet... we are not yet done with the evening. After the fireworks ended and we were absolutely sure it was safe to walk through the square, we made our way towards the old cobbled streets to soak in some more culture... and here we encountered many drunk people, some of whom were young Indian immigrants from our part of the world, and the minute they would spot Sunny & his turban, they would come running towards us to wish us a 'Happy New Year!' It was a truly lovely day and a wonderful way to start a trip in a strange, mysterious and wonderful city! Goodbye and good night for now... we have a very early start tomorrow!

(our very first pictures of 2011)

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