Saturday, 25 February 2012

Our princess is here! :-)

And she is here... we've been blessed with the most perfect & gorgeous daughter :-) Sunny and I are so lucky and thankful to be blessed with our Princess.

We are proud parents of one adorable 'Harnoor Sibia' born on 2/2/2012 at 12.45am.

We've been overjoyed & feel extremely lucky to have her as ours. Secretly we both had longed, wished and hoped for a girl, and we are so great full to have been blessed with her.

All three of us are doing great & getting to know each other. Just as any first time new parents we are overjoyed and a bit sleep deprived, so we will keep you more regularly posted with the l'il ones activities in the near future...

Ours hearts are simply full of love for her,unconditional love which floods ones heart the mintue you see them for the first time, that is what we had heard from other parents over & over again, but one needs to experience it in person to truly understand and enjoy that love you have for your own child :-)

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