Wednesday, 7 December 2011

♥ U Hubby for the most awesome foodie Birthday weekend in Brugge! :)

I had the most amazing foodie 30th Birthday weekend in Brugge, all thanks to Hubby darlings planning :-) It was our second trip to the city and the trip was all about relaxing and eating and that is exactly what we did... all weekend long! Since I am pregnant we wanted to go somewhere small and relaxing, so we would not be tempted by any site-seeing & excessive walking which would only get very exhausting. Something we are easily tempted by and have absolutely no discipline to ignore are all the wonderful museums and palaces and churches in Europe ;-) 

For our love of food and for my love of Chocolates... Hubby thought of the perfect place... Brugge!

This time around the city was so foggy all weekend long and a little chilly... which was just perfect. It was so magical and charmingly-ghostly, keeping most tourists away, making it the perfectly quiet place for us to wander about and discover as we pleased. And the food... was simply nom nom nom :-) We ate beyond what our bellies could hold and everything was so special (if anyone is looking to visit Brugge in the future we'd love to recommend a few brilliant places to eat at). My birthday gift and souvenirs from the city were the most yumm fresh dark-coco chocolate truffles from Galler (the best chocolatier in Belgium, trust me i've tried them all) and the most beautiful hand made lace-handkerchief :-)

So while I enjoy some of my chocolate truffles while I type this, you are welcome to browse through our photo album :-)


had to re-visit my favorite street :-) 

the only two waffles we ate... seriously!  

chubbie cheeks :-) 

clip-clop... clip-clop

bye bye... Brugge

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